Facial Aesthetics by Dr Antonis

All of our aesthetic appointments come with a free consultation before any treatment is performed. This is essential for us to get to know your goals. BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION NOW.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Anti-wrinkle Injections are an excellent treatment for forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet and bunny lines.

1 Area - £160.00

2 Areas - £200.00

3 Areas - £240.00

Gummy Smile (for clients whose gums show a-lot when they smile) - £75.00

Bunny lines (show next to bridge of nose when smiling) - £50.00

Chin - £50.00

Drooping mouth corners - £50.00

Neck - £ 270

Jawline - £250.00

Treatment for Hyperhidrosis, Migraines and Bruxism
Hyperhydrosis is excessive sweating. Underarms, foreheads, hands and feet can be treated using injectables.

Treatment for hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)
from £300.00

Injectables for migraines - £280.00

Relaxing injectable for teeth grinding (bruxism) - £280.00

Dermal Filler Treatments
Fillers, especially hyaluronic acid ones, possess a plethora of beauty enhancing capabilities - they can lift augment and plump deficient areas for a more streamlined and defined visage. The newest hyaluronic acid based filler offers a big advantage over some of the most tried and true injectables out there.

Lip Augmentation 1ml - from £250.00

Lip Augmentation 0.5ml - from £180.00

Nose to mouth lines (nasiolabial) - from £240.00

Tear trough correction - from £300

Non-surgical nose reshaping - from £300

Cheek augmentation - from £350.00

Jaw augmentation - from £280.00

Smokers lines - from £250.00

Marionette lines £180.00 0.5ml

Chin - from £280.00