Relaxing Massage & Facials

Relax and unwind...

Quartz Spa Swedish Massage Therapy

Relax and unwind with our Swedish style massage. Ease the stresses of the day this massage is perfect for those new to massage or maybe you just simply want to relax.

30 minutes £35.00

40 minutes £45.00

60 minutes £55.00

Quartz Spa Aromatherapy Massage

Indulge your senses and immerse yourself in our luxury Quartz Spa oils. Pick between our three blends of happiness, hope or energising oils for total body relaxation. Including elements like strawberry seed, avocado oils, geranium and many more quality ingredients.

Quartz Spa Aromatherapy Face Neck & Shoulder Ritual

Massage for the face neck and shoulders. A wonderful additional treatment to compliment any of the Quartz Spa Rituals. Totally relaxing upper body tension.  A lovely treatment experience incorporating pressure points to release to ease tension, stress and to generally switch off.

Treatment Time: 45 Minutes £35.00

 Quartz Aromatherapy Spa Back Massage

Relax and indulge your senses with the Quartz Spa Aromatherapy back massage. Ideal for those looking to take time out of a busy schedule and enjoy some much needed me time.

30 minutes 35.00

40 minutes £45.00

 Quartz Spa Aromatherapy Full Body Massage Ritual

Designed to rebalance, oxygenate, detoxify, hydrate and smooth the skin. Your chosen oil is warmed and massaged into the body using Rose Palm Stones to restore joy, harmony, energy, hope and total happiness to the mind, body and spirit.

Treatment time: 1 hour

Quartz Spa Aroma Jet Lag Reviver

Back of body massage. Release muscle tension, stimulate your circulation and rebalance your body and mind with this therapeutic restorative massage that will help you to reset your body clock. Paying particular attention to areas such as calves, legs, shoulders and back, this reviving treatment will put a spring back in your step.

Treatment Time: 45 Minutes

Hot Stone Massage

Balsalt stones are heated and worked deeply into the muscles leaving muscles relaxed and skin smooth and hydrated.

40 minutes  Hot Stone Back Massage  £50.00

60 minutes Full Body Hot Stone  £65.00




10 minute skin fitness plan - FREE

Discover how to achieve flawless skin with a skin fitness plan.

Skin Solver

15 minutes £10.00

No time for a facial? Let your skin therapist show you professional ways to get maximum results out of your products. Ideal for a quick skin boost before a special event.

Clear Start Teen Mini Facial
30 minutes £30.00 (15-17yrs)

Skin is cleansed, steamed, exfoliated, toned and moisturised. We will also work at looking at the root cause of the skin issue and provide a skin plan.

Clear Start Teen
60 minutes £45.00 (15-17yrs)

Beginning with examination of the skin to determine the route of the problem a “skin fitness” plan is made for the perfect skin care routine. The skin is then double cleansed, exfoliated and steamed. If needed light extractions are performed to remove deep congestion. A masque is then applied followed by toning and moisturising. We will then discuss aftercare and work through the chosen skin fitness plan to prevent future congestion and work towards clear healthy skin.


Dermalogica Pro Skin 60 Facial

60 minutes £55.00

A tailor made facial to meet your skin’s requirements. The ultimate facial treatment for personalized skin care thats different every time. In a relaxing environment made for sheer bliss. The ProSkin 60 facial is perfect for those who want a personal experience for all skin concerns to achieve glowing skin.

Dermalogica Pro Skin 30 Facial

30 minutes £35.00

Perfect if your on the go! Skin is double cleansed, eye cleanse, exfoliate, mini facial massage, toned and moisturised. Finished with a review of your FREE skin fitness plan.

Dermalogica Ultra calming facial

60 minutes  £55.00

Sensitive? Dry? Struggling with redness? This ones for you. Using Dermalogica’s ultra calming range of products perfect for sensitive skins. Skin is cleansed, gently exfoliated with a non granular microfolient to reduce irritation yet smooth out skin and steamed. A light facial and neck massage is performed for deep relaxation before a ultra calming hydration masque is applied. Finished with toning and a nutrient rich moisturiser perfect for protecting the skins barrier. FREE SKINFIT PLAN

The Dermalogica VIP Facial

90 minutes £70.00

More than just a facial with the addition of a 30 minute back massage. Includes a tailor made Dermalogica facial to meet your skin’s requirements. The most luxuary of facial treatment for skin care thats different every time. In a relaxing environment made for sheer bliss and deep relaxation. The V.I.P facial is perfect for those who want to relax, unwind and de-stress.

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*Please note that a couple of minutes are allocated at the start and finish of a massage or body treatment for getting dressed and undressed.  This is within the stated treatment time.  Please also arrive a few minutes early so that any necessary forms can be completed without losing time from the treatment.