OPI Pro Spa

Hands & Feet

OPI Pro Spa

OPI Re-Varnish

Hands £12.00

Feet £12.00

 OPI ProSpa Mini Manicures & Pedicures

30 minutes £24.00

Soak, exfoliate, cuticle tidy, moisturised & finished with a lacquer of your choice.

OPI ProSpa Deluxe Manicure

60 minutes £32.00

Refines and smooths skin texture, reducing appearance of age spots and fine lines. Shaping cuticle detailing, relaxing hand massage, heated mitts and finished with a lacquer of your choice.

OPI ProSpa Pedicures

Our full pedicure refines and smooths the skin's texture. Say goodbye to dry cracked heels with our 60 minute treatments. 

INDULGENCE    60 minute pedicure with heated boots £35.00
BLISS                     60 minute pedicure with paraffin intense hydration boot treatment £50.00
TRANQUILITY   60 minute pedicure with OPI gel varnish and paraffin boot treatment £55.00

Mens manicure

Nails are cut and filed, cuticles trimmed. Hands are exfoliated followed my hand masque and heated mittens to reduce dry skin.

45 minutes £30.00


Instantly dry, high gloss provides the perfect finish that lasts 2 to 3 weeks.

Hands £34.00

Feet £34.00

Removal of OPI gel £10.00 or FREE with re-application. 

CND Shellac

Instantly dry shellac finish for the perfect 14 day manicure. 

Hands £28.00

Feet £28.00

Removal of Shellac £10.00 or FREE with re-application. 

Bio Sculpture gel nails

Beautiful nails are painted with a pure gel finish, dry instantly for a long lasting 2 to 3 week manicure.

Hands £40.00

Feet £35.00

Removal of Bio Sculpture gel £10.00 or £5.00 with re-application.


French polish extra £4.00

Chrome gel extra £5.00

Glitter nails extra £6.00