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At Grace Ellen Beauty we use only top quality Bio Sculpture gels and polishes for our nail treatments.

Why Grace Ellen?


Expert Therapists

All of our therapists are trained to the highest level. Not only have our therapists obtained certificates through beauty school, Grace as a qualified teacher has also trained them through our beauty academy.


High Quality Products

Grace believes in only using the highest quality products ordering directly from the supplier enables us to know exactly what we are using and where it comes from. All of our polishes are vegan and cruelty free.


Friendly Atmosphere

We believe in a fun, friendly and inviting atmosphere at all times.

Bio Sculpture Treatments


Bio Sculptures EVO gel 14 day gel are designed for those who want minimal damage to the natural nail. Latest technology in gel formulation. Infused with vitamin A and E EVO Oxygenating Base & Build’s refined technology with medical grade formulation, results in a permeable pure gel EVO requires minimal buffing and offers effortless removal, maintaining and promoting healthy natural nails.

Grace Ellen Beauty, Little Chalfont, Bucks – bio sculpture gel

Bio Sculpture Hard Gel

BIOGEL is the original, professional, soak-off, easy wear nail gel system in a jar. With a 5-star Safety Rating boasting natural nail health, while beautifully enhancing and transforming any nail. A scientifically formulated pure gel range which varies from flexible to solid, BIOGEL is suitable for every nail type and is excellent for extending & strengthening nails. BIOGEL is durable, chip resistant, self levelling, with a long-lasting gloss finish, cures in 30 seconds and removes in 10 to 15mins.

Gemini Polish

GEMINI – representing “twins”- is Bio Sculpture’s Nourishing Nail Polish which matches BIOGEL colours. 14ml of GEMINI colour is brilliantly displayed in the recognisable square bottle. GEMINI contains hardening plant extract agents derived from Aloe Vera, Lemon and Ginseng. It is fast drying, long lasting and will add strength to the nail. Gemini has a UV filter and is Styrene Free. GEMINI’s brush promotes even application, consistent coverage, precise product control and enhanced colour perspective during application.

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Gemini Polish

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