Semi Permanent Make Up

All of our semi permanent make up treatments come with a full consultation with Jess our professional semi permanent make up artist.
A top up session is needed 4 - 6 weeks after treatment for ALL NEW clients, this is to ensure even coverage and perfect appearance. The effects can last up to three years depending on skin type.

We advise a colour boost every 8 - 14 months to keep them looking fresh!
Don't worry these treatments are not painful and our friendly staff will guide you in the right direction.
We use two types of numbing creams for treatment so you feel nothing but a scratch!


Save time on your daily routine and enhance the brows eyes and lips. Look and feel your best through Jess our Nouveau Contour Trained Therapist. 

Semi permanent brows by Jess


Semi-Permanent Eyebrows
£450.00 ( Including top up 4 - 6 weeks later )

NEW CLIENT OFFER £375.00 (Including top up 4-6 weeks later)

Brow treatments are one of the most popularly requested semi permanent make up treatments.
Achieve natural lift without the need for surgery. No matter how your brows naturally grow or their current condition  Jess will guide you through every step. Correct sparse and thin brows - say goodbye to brow pencils !

Hair-stroke Brows 
This technique mimics natural hairs. Tiny hair-strokes of pigment are used to create a natural brow look. This is perfect for anyone who has experienced hair loss or doesn't want a made up brow look.

Combination Brows
Best of both powdered and hair stroke looks combined for a natural yet defined look.

Powder Brows
This technique offers the same effect as filling your brows in with pencil or powder.
Powder brow is for those who would like a more blocked in appearance.
Adds depth & definition for a more made up look.

Step By Step Guide To Brows

1. Consultation
A FREE no obligation consultation is carried out to decide on your chosen look and needs.

2. Analysis
A detailed  analysis is performed to determine the colour of our brows. We will take into consideration skin tone and hair colour.

A guide pencil is then used to draw out the shape of your brows this is your chance to perfect how you want them to look. Once you are happy a topical anaesthetic is applied to minimise discomfort.

The procedure takes 60 - 90 minutes. You may feel a slight scratch however this is short lived as the anaesthetic starts to work.

5. Top Up
You will need a top up appointment 4 - 6 weeks after your original appointment. This is to check on the shape and colour and take care of any adjustments and is included in the original price. 

6. Maintenance
Colour boost appointments can be done every 8 - 14 months to keep your brows looking fab.


Lash enhancement on top lash line
This is a fine line tattooed through the top lash line to make the lashes appear fuller.
£350.00 (Including top up 4 - 6 weeks later)

Baby liner on top lash line
This is a fine line tattooed through the top lash line to make lashes appear thicker with an added eyeliner flick.
£400.00 (Including top up 4 - 6 weeks later) 

Baby liner top lash line and bottom lash line
£450.00 (Including top up 4 - 6 weeks later)


Semi - permanent cosmetics can be used to improve the definition and fullness of your lips.

Lip Liner
Great for a no fuss make up look or to aid definition to a thinner lip.
£300.00 (Including top up 4 - 6 weeks later)

Lip Blush
Add a youthful flush to faded lips with semi permanent lip blush.
£450.00 Including top up / review appointment 4 - 6 weeks later.

Colour Boosts
A colour boost is needed from time to time this keeps your semi permanent make up at it's best!
No top up session is needed for a colour boost.

Eyebrows, Eye Liner & Lip Blush
After 0 - 6 months  £200.00
More Than  6  months  £250.00

Lip Line Colour Boost
After 0 - 6 months £150.00 
More than 6 months  £200.00

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