Sports Massage KB Bodyworks

Initial Consultation & 30 Minute Massage
One to one consultation, postural examination and 30 minute massage.

60 minutes £50.00

30 Minute Massage
Perfect for a follow up appointment to address specific needs identified during initial consultation.


40 Minute Massage
More time is spent on the problem area. This treatment is advised for anyone where more time is needed to achieve the best results.


Full Body Sports Massage
A deep tissue massage for the entire body. Releases tension, aids recovery and is perfect for anyone involved in harsh physical activity. Our therapist will apply pressure through your muscles increasing blood flow. We will discuss the intensity of the massage before we begin as each client has their own preferences.

Not sporty? deep tissue work will help:

~Relieve stress and de-stress.
~Reduce muscle pain and tightness
~ Promote recovery or generally keeping fit and well.

55 minutes £60.00